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Dr Angelina Zubac

Dr Angelina Zubac is a 54 year old resident of Kooyong who has lived in the area for 25 years. In a career spanning 35 years, she has worked at over 100 organisations, including at SMEs, large corporates, and non-profit and government organisations. She is internationally published and an acknowledged expert in strategic management, organisational economics, sustainable business model design and firms' capability investment processes. She is also a gifted educator who has been inspiring managers at Australia's best universities for over 20 years. She believes in the benefits of life-long learning and developing young people to achieve their full potential.
And if you're a millenial or think more should be done to engage young people or use humour during an election campaign rather than invest in expensive billboards, there's something special for you. See the Millennial Campaign Launch video and its sequel, Part I and Part II: K-Men: The Battle for Kooyong and Meet the K-Men of Kooyong Candidates' Forum

Future Vision

Australia is a social democracy which has a long history of implementing laws designed to ensure everyone is treated equally. If Australia is to remain one of the fairest places in the world to live, Dr Zubac believes it is important to always do what's right. Independents are critical because they are usually more representative and objective. Learn more.

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