Policy Priorities

Everyone Matters

Dr Angelina Zubac believes in supporting people who value family, community, reward for hard work, risk-taking and entrepreneurship, quality education, social cohesion and environmental diversity.

Underpinning this statement is the belief that although people should be rewarded for working hard, developing their talents, taking risks, giving back to the community and caring for the environment, no-one should be thought of in just economic terms; everyone is entitled to live comfortably and securely at all stages of their life as part of a community.

If people are put in a position to succeed they will succeed. Dr Angelina Zubac's proposed Seven Point National Agenda is designed to reflect this fundamental belief.

Dr Angelina Zubac supports the UN Goals for 2030 for sustainable development and a much fairer world:

UN Global Goals

Local Kooyong Focus Areas

Even though Kooyong is an affluent electorate, not everyone is having it easy, especially young people entering the job market for the first time, small business owners, and those transitioning into retirement. Dr Angelina Zubac plans to focus on three focus areas initially, since it is possible to achieve real outcomes fast by taking a focussed approach and concentrating on what matters most to people in the local community.