The First 100 Days

Medium-term Objectives

The first 100 days are critical. It is during the first 100 days of any new government when the difficult work of identifying how to best use Australia's scarce resources for the medium-term future begins.

In the first 100 days Dr Angelina Zubac plans to work towards identifying fair and implementable solutions for recalibrating Australia's critical systems, including our labour, business, education, health, social security and tax systems.

Dr Angelina Zubac is also very concerned about the fact that there has not been a concerted global effort to solve the refugee problem. Although this is a very complicated and difficult area, Dr Angelina Zubac plans to educate herself about the conventions around refugees in the first 100 days should she be elected. She is also keen to explore the idea that it could be easier to process and integrate refugees/asylum seekers into the mainstream by giving them a global citizen status. It is a great tragedy that so many people are in effect rendered displaced or without citizenship status. Something as simple as a global citizenship status may be a way to solve some of the problems associated with people moving across borders with so much urgency. It is important to give people who have been displaced the means to work and gain access to a range of services, including education and a safe place to live with their families as soon as possible.

The Year 2050 and Beyond

Australia's population is forecast to increase to up to 40 million by 2050. If elected, Dr Angelina Zubac will work focus on getting the policy settings right to ensure Australians in the future can prosper well into the next century.