More about Dr Angelina Zubac

Dr Angelina Zubac is a 51 year old resident of Kooyong who has lived in Kew for 18 years. In a career spanning over 30 years she has worked at over 100 organisations, including at small firms, large corporates, non-profit and government organisations. She is internationally published and an acknowledged expert in strategic management, organisational economics and resource-capability investment processes at firms. She is a gifted educator who has been teaching aspiring managers at universities for over 15 years. She believes in the benefits of life-long learning and developing young people to achieve their full potential.

Dr Angelina Zubac was born in Sydney in 1964. Her parents were post-war migrants. She has a brother and two sisters. She lived in Sydney most of her life up to the age of 18 except when she lived in Adelaide for two and a half years from the age of nine.

She moved to Canberra in 1983 to work and study English literature at the Australian National University. She moved to Melbourne in 1988 where she continued working her way through university, completing her undergraduate studies in 1993 for both her Arts and Commerce degrees at Melbourne University. A little later she finalised studies towards a Graduate Diploma of Statistics at RMIT. While studying mostly part-time, she worked in a variety of administrative, teaching, project and managerial roles where she was increasingly given more responsibility and complex work.

She began a PhD via the Mt Eliza Business School in 2000, following her PhD Supervisor to University of Adelaide a few years later though still living in Melbourne. She completed her PhD part-time over an eight year period while consulting in strategy, which included consulting to large corporate clients in the energy and financial services sectors. During this time she also taught part-time at several Victorian Business Schools, taking on a variety of roles from as early as 1998.

Her PhD research project focused on how firms create customer value through their resources. This research allowed to her develop expertise in the area of theory of the firm, which is also known as organisational economics - an area of economics that considers how the strategies of firms contribute to economic growth and institutional change.

She entered academic life full-time at the start of 2015. She is currently working at the Melbourne campus of CQ University, where she is also on the Academic Board of the University.

Dr Angelina Zubac has a history of pro bono board work at community oriented organisations.

Like many women her age these days, Dr Angelina has never been married and has no children though she does have a long-term partner. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, keeping fit by walking and working out at the local gym, travelling, bushwalking, reading and writing, arthouse cinema and comedies, and eating out at her favourite local restaurants. She enjoys living in the electorate of Kooyong.

Well Qualified to Develop, Evaluate and Ensure the Implementation of Policy

In addition to being well-qualified to develop and evaluate policy, Dr Angelina Zubac believes she can play a role in ensuring that the best policy gets implemented through the democratic process. She has a very consultative approach and has learned that no-one has all the answers, that when you are dealing with complex issues, things that could affect the lives of thousands, it is essential to draw on the ideas, experience and expertise of a lot people; one can never tell by just looking at a person who can add value.

If granted the great privilege to represent the people of Kooyong, she plans to consult widely.