Dr Angelina Zubac

Dr Angelina Zubac is a 51 year old resident of Kooyong who has lived in Kew for 18 years. In a career spanning over 30 years she has worked at over 100 organisations, including at small firms, large corporates, non-profit and government organisations. She is internationally published and an acknowledged expert in strategic management, organisational economics and resource-capability investment processes at firms. She is a gifted educator who has been teaching aspiring managers at universities for over 15 years. She believes in the benefits of life-long learning and developing young people to achieve their full potential.

Future Vision

Australia is a social democracy that is characterised by a people who value everything egalitarian. To ensure Australia stays that way Dr Zubac believes it is important to have politicians who focus on doing what's right and understand the value of service to the community, not career politicians. The best politicians do all they can to negotiate positive outcomes and consensus. See >>the Future Vision video

Important Dates